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Online Poker Legend Dusty Schmidt Calls for HUD Ban

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In a lengthy blog post –which is only part 1 in the series—PokerStars Team Online Player Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt goes into great detail on how the online poker community needs to be “cleaned up” beginning with creating an equal playing field for all players by banning HUD’s and other third-party poker tracking software and tools.

Schmidt explains how the average player signing up to an online poker site is at a severe disadvantage because the overwhelming majority of these players are not only inferior players to begin with, but are also playing against opponents who are using tools that give them an even further advantage. Schmidt talks about how new players are likely playing without:

“1. Tracking programs that statistically break down hand histories
2. Buddy finding” programs that find and direct the user towards weak opponents at the tables based on their poor performance on the saved-hand histories that sharks have.
3. Memberships to data-pooling websites that track all hands played across the various online poker rooms that tell players about opponents they have never even played with.”

Basically this would be along the lines of an amateur golfer signing up to play Tiger Woods –and in online poker terms this would be done virtually anonymously—with the added handicap of Tiger using cutting edge golf balls and clubs that the amateur player has no idea exist! Sure he could buy the same tools if he knew about them, but if only people “in the know” have this knowledge it seems to me to be an unfair advantage.

While many online poker pros would argue to the contrary –and many do on the 2+2 thread that has come about because of Dusty Schmidt’s blog post—Schmidt’s points are extremely valid in that by trying to beat the “fish” that show up at the tables as quickly as possible they actually cause many of these players to quit online poker, and other possible players to simply avoid the sharks at the online poker tables and all their “cheating” tools and software. As Schmidt puts it:

“But what’s worse is that when someone attempts to come in from the outside and join our community, they quickly surmise that they are in a caste system with insiders and disadvantaged outsiders (or high school run amok). Between our insider knowledge and vicious comments at the tables, we may be the only industry that actively discourages new customers.”

You can read Leatherass’ entire blog post (it’s an excellent read) at the following link: It’s Time To Clean Up Poker (Part 1)

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Written by Steve Ruddock on April 28th, 2011

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